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About Us

We are a privately owned, family run company. Established in 1992, as a manufacturer for the automotive industry, LightEFX was developed in 2008 as a solution provider to the architectural and construction industry utilising fibre optic lighting and natural daylighting technologies. Based in Melbourne, Australia, and as an Australian owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to product quality, service and reliability.

At lightEFX, our aim is to provide clients with solutions to their creative endeavours in feature lighting and interior daylighting. The solutions we give cover a range of areas such as: consulting, design, manufacturing and maintenance. Whether commercial, residential or infrastructure, we work closely with architects, lighting designers and engineers to provide them with innovative solutions to their creative ideals. Correspondingly, we provide commercial and residential project management services to residential fit outs and refurbishments such as home theatre rooms.

Recognised for our capabilities, we work in healthcare, education and local governments with companies such as: Multiplex, Probuild, and Mirvac. Because of this, we have established a strong dealer network in Australia and North America and opened an office in San Francisco Bay, California improving support for our US based clients.

At lightEFX, we are best known for our ability on delivering and providing our clients with world class service and technological expertise. As well as for our capability to respond intuitively to industry needs, and provide resolutions to issues that can arise in both commercial and residential building projects.