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Resort-Style Pool Lighting

Posted by Kristina T - on 24th Dec 2020

Who loves the look of a pool at a resort? It makes a holiday feel more like a holiday. I can think of many people who enjoy just looking at a pool, even if they don’t jump into it for a splash or swim. There is something so serene about a calm body of water.

What makes resort pools so appealing?

The pools look blue, inviting and refreshing in the daytime, and at night-time the water glows as if it has aqua-colored bioluminescence from the soft light that shines into it. There is nothing better than to jump into the water with an ethereal-like feel at night.

Most of us want the escapism of a resort to get that care-free holiday feel. But holidays only happen once or twice a year (more if you’re lucky!), so wouldn’t it be awesome to have that resort-like feel in your own backyard pool in which to unwind and feel a little spoiled?

The more alluring and enticing the pool environment the more we associate as the finer things in life; these are the moments we remember and want to experience repeatedly. We want to enjoy our downtime and we want to enjoy our investments. A swimming pool is an investment into your home and lifestyle experience. A lifestyle of summer enjoyment in the pool and as a beautiful winter landscape backdrop.

The pool lighting creates the difference between just having a swimming pool to having a resort-style pool

How do I make my swimming pool into a resort-like pool?

When we see a resort pool and fall in love with its tranquility and beauty, we don’t see the many hours of work go into the design and build of the pool to make it look like effortless luxury. The resort owners hire designers who know where to source the latest in pool lighting and landscape lighting technology. Advances in lighting technology have allowed professional lighting designers to flex their creative muscles, especially when they’re given a wide variety of lights to play with. But what if we tell you that the pool lighting you admire in resorts can be replicated at home? Read on to learn how you can do it too! 

Lighting fiber optics

Fiber optic lighting has been around for a while but is rapidly increasing in popularity as knowledge of how fiber optics can be used in residential, commercial and creative settings is becoming more mainstream.

You may know of fiber optics being used for data and communications technology, but the optical fibers are a fantastic and brilliant conduit for beaming through light!

The light that emanates from fiber optic cables comes from continuous research into developing the best technology to throw out the light at even incredible distances!

LightEFX works tirelessly to provide the best light output through fiber optics in the industry for clients in Australia, the US and Europe. We develop unique fiber optic lighting designs for pools and wet area environments that home-owners can also enjoy.

Types of fiber optic lighting

Do you have an image in mind of what you want your pool to look like? There are several options in fiber optics that can be used alone or combined to create an even more awesome effect.

Fibre optic strip lighting

Private residence– Perimeter strip lighting underneath the coping 

Strip lighting

Perimeter lighting, or strip lighting, shines like a neon light fixed around the edge of the pool. It gives a lovely glow and an alluring halo to the pool at night. This look is created with a fiber optic side-emitting cable that has no electricity running through it like typical LED strip lights. Being non-electrical, it is almost “install and forget”. Being just fiber optics going around the pool, there are no electrical bits, LED blow-outs or any chlorine corrosion to worry about.

The side-emitting fiber cable can be fully and semi-submerged into the pool. If it is an underwater fairytale glow you aspire to achieve, the fiber cables can be installed at the base of the pool in depths more than 1.5m (5ft) without the light diminishing or failure.

StarEFX fibre optic star lights

Private residence – StarEFX feature with perimeter strip lighting. 


Add a celestial dimension to your pool experience by swimming amid luminous points of light like stars in a dark sky at night.-filled. To create the affect, multiple fiber optics are inserted into the base and/or walls on gunite (concrete) pools that twinkle and change color. This truly unique experience is often seen in high-end resorts and hotels. StarEFX pool lighting technology introduces this mesmerizing star experience into your own pool.

Fibre optic wall light fittings

Day spa – Color changing chromotherapy fiber optic wall lights.

Wall lights

After a subtle watery glow in your pool or spa? Fiber optic wall lights can emit up to 7 beams of lights towards the center. Do you feel like being in blue water or purple or green? Do you feel seeing the colors rainbow in your pool?

Re-create your resort-like experience by setting the lighting to how feel. Do you want to feel relaxed or feel really relaxed? The choice is yours.

Where do I start?

You know you want your pool or spa to be a place where you can unwind, either in the water or by just observing it. That’s the first step already complete!

Next, how do you envisage your pool to look? Do you want a pool halo, a starlight dream or an ethereal glow? Or all three?! Do you want different colors? How bright do you want the light? Second task, complete!

Next step, complete the resort -style pool lighting form and LightEFX will reach out to discuss the look and feel you are after. Alternatively, read more about fiber optic pool lighting.