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Downlighting Kits

Install a fibre optic downlighting kit in your entertainment or relaxation area and create an enjoyable setting for watching movies, after-dinner entertainment, outdoor parties, or just to create a relaxing way to unwind and enjoy the colour show.

Conventional lighting generates heat and is not always suitable for every application. A downlight that emits light without heat is done with fibre optic downlighting. Ideal for cellars, cool rooms or even hi-lighting pictures where heat is not wanted.

Fibre optic downlight systems do not have any globes or bulbs in the downlight fittings; when fibre optic fittings are installed there is no maintenance with the replacement of globes in the fitting. This is beneficial for high ceilings where industrial ladders and cherry pickers are usually required to replace globes. 

An illuminator supplies light through end-emitting fibre cables transmitting light to the fibre optic downlight fittings. The downlight fittings require a cutout size of 40mm, and once fixed into the ceiling the fibre cables are inserted into the back of the fitting.

LED light source illuminators are advantageous as they have a long life span of 40,000 hours with little maintenance. Home automation integration is also possible via a DMX gateway, connect with systems such as Dynalite, Cbus, Control4 and other RS232 and serial protocols.