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Fibre Optic Chandeliers

Walk into a foyer, a conference room or ballroom, and your eyes are drawn to a cascade of light flowing down elegant strands of fibre optic strands in ever-changing colours. This beautiful feature is a talking point in many establishments and creates a highlight in any installation.

Many strands, one light

The beauty of the fibre optic chandelier is that it is deceptively simple - each individual strand is illuminated by one light source from the illuminator. The illuminator comprises of an 80-watt LED source with colour options that are controlled by wireless remote or when integrated with an automation system allows for further control. Store the illuminator in a convenient location for easy access for maintenance or servicing without needing lifts to replace globes on the chandelier.

Waterfalls of light

Fibre optic chandeliers make wonderful centre-pieces in large rooms or as a feature in a stairwell lighting up dimly lit areas. With creative design, chandeliers can be used as curtains or backdrops, and installed either horizontally or vertically.

  • Orquestra  - Fibre optic chandelier with glass end fittings

    Fibre optic pendant - Orquestra

    A symphony of shapes and colours, an unforgettable experience which is heightened by optic fibres and LED technology. This elegant light will fill a large space of yours with an incredible work of art behind. The light reflection from...

  • Grain - Fibre optic chandelier with square end fittings

    Fibre optic pendant - Grain

    This artistic piece is well suited for all enthusiasts of symmetrical shapes. Thanks to the sensitive contrast between the colours and surface finish we offer great possibilities to match any required interior tones. Use for a boutique...

  • Infinito - Fibre optic chandelier with glass end fittings

    Fibre optic pendant - Infinito

    A seemingly floating and infinite looking light fixture with beautifully hand-crafted glass end fittings. Use it as a single hanging piece or as part of a modular setup that can be shaped in almost any size or pattern. Mastered are the end...

  • NYX - Fibre optic chandelier Swarovski crystal fittings

    Fibre optic pendant - NYX

    A minimalistic and highly modern FOSALI luminaire. Surface mounted, polished and patched with crystals of SWAROVSKI Elements whilst powered by LED technology. This pendant is designed for modern, elegant and cosy interiors, it looks its...

  • Spectra - Fibre optic chandelier Swarovski crystal fittings

    Fibre optic chandelier - Spectra

    Designed by Lubo Majer, this FOSALI beauty is for sure to become a magnet in your interior be it a living room, lobby or a luxurious waiting room. It is made from sparkling optic fibres and topped with Bohemian glass crystal; the light is based...