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Commercial lighting

Fibre optics in commercial applications

Correct lighting in and around structures adds to the safety and security of the area. Dark spots, brightness and lighting colour temperature play an important role to the area preventing accidents and promoting a sense of security. 

Daylighting, LED and fibre optic lighting all three technologies play an important role; Sunlight meeting daylight regulations with 100 CRI natural colour temperature, LED to meet with artificial AS1680 lighting regulations and fibre optic lighting for feature and ambient lighting. When combined, the correct lighting will provide a more welcoming and friendly environment while enhancing the visual aesthetics.

LightEFX work with architects, engineers and construction companies to develop solutions to meet with regulations or wanting an energy efficient lighting system or to provide an amazing lighting feature. This process can consist of either or all of the following; consultation, design and data analysis ready for submission to the customer or council for approvals.



  • Natural daylighting with SunBeamer 500

    Skylight | SunBeamer 500 | Daylight delivery

    The SunBeamer 500 harnesses natural sunlight and delivers a collimated beam up to 100metres. The collimated sunlight beam, through the use of lenses and mirrors can be redirected to introduce sunlight into areas where it is desired. When installed,...

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    $7,500.00 (Ex. Tax)
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