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Daylight technology

If you’re looking to create a brighter, healthier and more pleasant indoor environment, natural sunlight delivery systems are a fantastic option. At LightEFX we are proud to be one of the most sought-after names for all daylight design services, offering tailored services to each of our valued customers to help them find the best natural lighting solutions for their property.

Natural sunlight delivery systems allow you to channel the beauty of natural sunlight into the darkest corners of a multi-story building quickly and efficiently. Unlike traditional forms of natural lighting that struggle in large buildings, LightEFX sunlight delivery systems deliver glare-free, full spectrum sunlight into almost any large-scale interior environment.

Daylight Designs for Improved Work and Living Environments

Using natural sunlight has a lot of benefits, including improved work and living environments for building users and increased property values for building owners. Natural sunlight has also been reported to increase staff and student productivity and provide building users with an overall sense of satisfaction and well-being.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the lasting benefits of our daylight design solutions.

Cost-Effective Daylight Design Renderings

Natural sunlight delivery systems are great energy savers. They displace electric lighting whenever the sun shines, which means you can actively reduce your energy consumption during peak electricity hours. This results in energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. When you use a natural sunlight delivery system, you are tapping into a free, renewable resource that is flexible and cost efficient.

Turn to the LightEFX team today to learn more about our work in daylight design renderings for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Daylight Designs Offer Environmentally Sustainable Solutions

Natural sunlight delivery systems can also help increase the green rating of the building.

With daylight design solutions from the LightEFX team, customers can enjoy a space that is not only beautifully lit, but one that will assist in reducing their carbon footprint. We carefully plan each daylight design to ensure that customers won’t miss the features of added artificial lighting in the space.

Our product range

LightEFX is proud to stock natural sunlight delivery systems from SunCentral®, SunPortal® and Himawari. These technologies offer tubeless and light tubes delivery of sunlight to indoor and outside grey areas where sunlight is desired.

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Time lapse Core SunCentral System Technology Demonstration Core Sunlight System
Time-lapse video of the Core Sunlight system Technology Demonstration Core Sunlight System

Expert and Precise Daylight Design Calculation

When it comes to daylight design calculation, it is important to not only be accurate but to ensure that all factors of a given space are considered and accounted for. Here at LightEFX we make sure to weigh even the smallest details in our calculation process, making sure that the final daylight design is perfectly suited to the space in question. Contact us today for all further enquiries.

Daylight Technology: Areas We Serve

If you’re ready to enhance your indoor environments with Daylight Technology, contact the experts at LightEFX today. Working across the USA and Australia, we can provide value-adding services for your property. Some of the areas we serve are:

  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • New York, New York
  • Dallas, Houston, and Austin, Texas
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Perth, Hobart and Tasmania, Australia