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Fibre optic cable - End emitting

End emitting fibre cables are an insulated light guide designed for maximum light output at the endpoint. These are high-performance PMMA (PolyMethylMethAcrylate) fibre cores sheathed in a black UV protective and water-resistant jacket. Single core fibres are a flexible cable for use in outdoor and indoor low-level lighting. Step lighting, path lights, star lighting are great applications as there are no LEDs in the fibre cable resulting in very low maintenance. Installation into concrete works for driveways, paths and pools is much more secure knowing there will never have to be LEDs to replace!

Multi-core fibre cables are used in applications requiring more light intensity. Pool wall lights are a great example where fibre optics resolve issues typically found with conventional lighting as there is no LED or light bulb that will need replacing inside of the fibre optic pool fitting.

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