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Fibre optic cable - Side emitting

Side emitting fibre optic cables emit light through the side and the end of the cable. These are high-performance light guides with PMMA (PolyMethylMethAcrylate) fibres available in a clear insulated sheath or bare fibre without sheathing. Uninsulated or bare fibres emit more light at the end and are used in lighting applications such as star ceilings, signage and architectural models. Bare fibres are flexible and small in diameter ranging from as little as 0.50mm for fine and intricate details and artworks.

Insulated fibres have a clear outer sheath protecting the fibre cores from the sun's UVs and are water-resistant for outdoor and wet area applications. Used as strip lighting, side emitting fibres are fitted into ceiling bulkheads, cove lighting, pool lighting and path lighting without the use of LEDs. This allows for a very low maintenance solution especially in wet area environments.

LightEFX's perimeter fibre cables are chlorine and salt water resistant and can be partially or fully submerged in water without complications from pool heating and depth issues found with IP LED strip lighting.

Single core insulated fibres are typically used for pendants and chandeliers with a lightweight fitting attached at the ends. For heavier fittings and crystal fittings the side emitting fibre cable with the metal tension wire is ideal.

The Trusted Supplier of Premium Fibre Optic Side-Emitting Cables

With more than 19 years of lighting experience behind them, there’s little wonder why the team here at LightEFX are the go-to experts for fibre optic side-emitting cables.

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