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Fibre optic cables

LightEFX is the name to trust when it comes to finding top-quality PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) fibre optic cables for a wide range of uses.

These versatile and durable cables are a popular alternative to many other lighting solutions. They are easier to install and do not produce any heat at points that are illuminated, making them safer to handle.

Fibre cables transmit the light produced by the illuminator and deliver the light where it is desired. Depending on the application there are three forms of cables used in fibre optic lighting: bare fibre (non-shielded), end-emitting (light emitting from the end) and side-emitting (light emitting 360° around the cable).

LightEFX produces a variety of fibre core sizes ranging from 0.50mm in diameter to 3.00mm. A fibre cable can be a single core meaning there is only one fibre core or multi-core cables with multiple fibre cores.

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Single Core Fibre Cable

Single core fibre cables are lighting features with small pin-point lights. Lighting typically found with star lighting effects are made from single core fibres, and are an effective way to cover large areas with small, individual lights. They are small in diameter ranging from 0.50mm to 3.0mm, flexible and available in bare or with a clear or black outer sheath. Lenses and fittings can be added for more lighting effects.

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Multicore Fibre Cable

At LightEFX our team has a wealth of knowledge regarding multicore fibre cables for lighting designs and installations.

These functional cables can be used to transform any space into a truly mesmerising and eye-catching spectacle of lights, with the LightEFX team ensuring that all customers are provided with a service that is tailored to their specific requests and specifications. The more core fibres there are in a multicore cable, the more light is produced.

Ambient lighting or colour washes are achieved with fittings and lenses designed for downlighting, uplighting or wall lighting applications. A durable PVC jacket is used to protect the fibre cores in either a black or a clear sheath. Black sheathed fibre cables are used for end-emitting applications in uplighting, downlighting and wall lighting while side emitting cables are used for cove and strip lighting applications.

Clear Insulated Fibre Cables

The perfect choice for hi-lighting areas, clear insulated fibre cables give off a warm and welcoming glow. They are an excellent choice when looking for strip lighting to decorate a particular space, or to provide an outline for a particular object or feature.

Clear sheathed fibres emit light 360°. Great for chandeliers, strip lighting in coves, or around the perimeter of a pool.

A metal tension wire is added into the fibre cable to secure chandelier fittings. These metal wire fitted cables can also be shaped for sculptures and art works.

Non-Insulated Fibre Cable Solutions

Suited to targeted and more direct lighting applications, non-insulated fibre cables are just another option available here at LightEFX.

These cables feature small diameter fibres that are flexible and easily concealed when used in art works and architectural models. Diameters as low as 0.50mm can be used for street lights, signals or building lighting. Larger diameters can be used to hi-light sculptures or a streetscape artwork.

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