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LED light source illuminators

The LightEFX series of illuminators utilise LEDs for their light source, energy saving and long life of approx. 30,000+ hours with minimal to little maintenance and servicing. Illuminators provide light distribution to one or multiple points from one light source through fibre cables. The non-powered fibre cables are inserted into the illuminator and transmit options of colour change, dimming, twinkling effect and other animations such as shooting stars. As a standard feature option 6-colours come as standard on the colour wheel: Purple, Green, Blue, White, Yellow, Sky Blue

Lower wattage illuminators are great for use with decorative features, starry night sky effects, low-level and ambient lighting in steps and paths. Higher wattage units of 80 and 130-watt illuminators are used in downlighting and up lighting applications or perimeter, strip lighting in bulkheads and pools. Illuminators come in either RGB LEDs or with a colour wheel, either can integrate with home automation systems such as Crestron, Savant, Dynalite, Cbus, Control4 and other RS232 and serial protocols via the optional DMX gateway.

Our available LED fibre optic illuminators provide a gorgeous array of colours that can effortlessly transform any space.

Speak with a LightEFX lighting designer for the right illuminator for your project.

The Fibre Optic Illuminator Experts

For more than 19 years the team here at LightEFX have been the sought-after experts for fibre optic lighting designs, manufacturing, and installation services.

We offer customised turnkey solutions to all customers, ensuring they are left with a professionally fitted and installed new lighting set-up that was designed and produced according to their exact specifications. Contact us today to learn more.

The Name to Trust for Modular Fibre Optic Kits & Star Light Illuminators

When it comes to the very best in modular fibre optic kits or star light kits for wet and dry areas you simply can’t go wrong with the team of friendly professionals here at LightEFX.

Get in touch with us today for all further enquiries, and to find the right lighting solution to suit you!

  • FOC-ILL-007 ~ LED 3 watt white light fibre optic illuminator

    Fibre optic 3 watt LED Illuminator

    The ILL-007 illuminator uses a white light, 3-watt LED specifically designed to focus light for fibre optic applications. Ideal for bare and single core fibre cables to produce small points of light as used in signage, starry night skies or architectural...

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  • FOC-ILL-003 ~ 5 watt LED 6 Colour fibre optic illuminator with wireless remote operation

    Fibre optic 5 watt LED Illuminator

    The ILL-003 illuminator uses a 5 watt LED as its light source to shine an array of 6 colours controllable via the wireless remote. Ideal for bare and single core fibre cables to produce small points of light as used in signage, starry night skies or...

    $234.22 (Inc. Tax)
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