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Fibre optic fixtures do not have globes or LEDs in them. They are lit up by fibre cables transmitting light from an illuminator, providing a low maintenance lighting system with efficiency installed into ceilings, paths, chandeliers, pools and other indoor and outdoor applications. Peace of mind, knowing you will never need to replace a globe or LED after the installation.

Our range of waterproof fixtures are available in PVC or stainless steel 317 for wet areas or fully submerged environments.

Multiple fixtures are provided light with one light source. For eg, using the FOC-ILL-8001DMX illuminator and with 1mm fibre cables, delivers light to 600 end-points. The illuminator will change colours or select a colour for a desired theme or mood. Fibre optic cables are attached to the fixtures producing the desired light effect.

Depending on the required light output and spread desired will determine the most appropriate fixture, relative fibre cable size and light source.