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Home theatre lighting

Refurbish your old theatre with today's technology

LightEFX completes the ultimate entertainment experience with home theatre upgrades or complete home theatre refurbishments. Our specialised home theatre lighting and design concepts are both eye-catching and mesmerising, utilising our state of the art fibre optic and LED lighting technology. To bring you an astonishing home cinema, we collaborate with top industry professionals from home entertainment and sound system solutions, furniture and lounge suites designers, carpets, drapes, scenic wall scapes and soundproofing professionals. At LightEFX, we have thought of everything that gives you a tailored home theatre for a special and unique home cinema experience. Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary, and giving it the X-factor in-home entertainment!

LightEFX home theatre refurbishment

Home Theatre Star Lights & Refurbishments

LightEFX home cinema lighting enhances a unique and wonderful experience, making you feel totally engaged for a movie screening. Sequenced lighting allows each lighting feature to come on in a timely fashion as desired. For example: upon entering the home cinema room, sensors will activate all lighting to automatically light up, highlighting the curves and edges and focal points with brilliant colour and light display. Then once you hit the play button, the room automatically darkens, only the path lighting will remain dimly lit, and the subtle starry sky twinkling on the ceiling without distracting from the movie viewing. We do this for the optimum movie experience. Below are the types of lighting we will install:

Star lighting - Home theatre star lighting is the twinkling starry night sky effect, and at LightEFX we call it StarEFX. StarEFX star lighting utilises fibre optics for full individual colour changing and twinkling effect at each fibre point in the ceiling.

Downlighting - Downlighting installed with fibre optic fittings offering a colour wash of light with a soft and subtle glow. Upon finishing the movie, normal lighting is returned.

Path lighting – Lighting up steps or the floor path to the bar or door, it can be integrated with wall lighting to create a play with visuals.

Cove lighting - Cove or bulkhead lighting is done either with fibre optic strip or LED strip lighting dependent on the end results required in the design.

Wall lighting - Wall lighting is used in accent lighting, whether creating lighting patterns on walls or hi-lighting movie posters showcasing cinema greats.

Turn to us today to learn more about how our lighting solutions can help you to complete a home theatre refurbishment.

Home Theatre Refurbishments & Designs

At LightEFX, we aim to bring you the very best in style, practicality, and functional living but also, we aim to give you an experience, one that serves both intrinsic and extrinsic values. It's our duty to give you a phenomenal service with an outstanding result. We work with you and your schedule; we are here to help alleviate the stress that comes with updating or refurbishing. We bring you samples, floor plans and tech specs, each formulated from our specialist design team to guide and give the perfect result for any home theatre refurbishment project. At LightEFX, we are the solutions provider, and therefore are here to help, provide, inspire, awe and attract!

Home theatre technology

Integrate your cinema lighting experience with home automation systems, giving you the power and ability to control the lighting, set it to a timer, customise the visual displays and even a choice of colours! All lighting features can be run independently in stand-alone mode or integrated with home automation systems such as Savant, Crestron, Dynalite, CBUS, Control4 and other serial and RS232 protocols.

Home Theatre Acoustics & Star Lights

When purchasing new audio-video equipment, the sound acoustics is often neglected, resulting in poor sound performance, leaving consumers wondering why it didn't sound as good as it did in the showroom. LightEFX supplies wall lined window scapes, acoustic panels and custom-designed sound acoustics that balance the sound in the environment but also give visual aesthetics.

These pair beautifully with our home theatre star lights, which help to elevate the experience even further.

Home Theatre “Window Scape” Design & Star Lights

Home theatre' window scapes' are acoustic linings that feature images, scapes, logos and custom prints for both wall and ceiling applications. Ever pictured yourself looking out the window at NYC Times Square? Or watching the cricket sitting at the MCG members lounge? Or the night sky with fibre stars embedded into the image? Well now you can, LightEFX home theatre' window scapes' gives you a dimensional yet cool perspective with backlit lighting. This has acoustic benefits, but naturally, it serves as a visual lighting display.

Along with our home theatre star lights, these window scapes can effortlessly transport you anywhere you want to go, and are the perfect way to relax and escape.

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Home Theatre Lighting: Areas We Serve

At LightEFX, we can enhance your home theatre with a range of impressive lighting technology. To get the x-factor in your home theatre across the USA and Australia, contact us today. Some of the areas we operate in are:

  • Austin, Houston, and Dallas, Texas
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • New York, New York
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Hobart and Tasmania, Australia