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Illuminators are the light source which produce the light that travel through the fibre cables. All the lighting dynamics is created inside the illuminator producing the colour changing, twinkling and dimming effects. LED illuminators are the preferred source of light, are less maintenance, longer lamp life, and contain more features to them. Illuminators are available for indoor or outdoor installations. A standard 10amp socket for power and a DMX cable (A DMX cable is used for synchronisation of two or more units).


With the popularity of home automation and lighting apps LightEFX has developed a DMX to RS232 converter that allows integration into home automation systems, such as control 4 and Push Controls. Other integration with Cbus or Dynalite can be done through a DMX gateway.


When installing for pools, typically illuminators can be stored in the pool pump room, when this does not allow, then the IP43 illuminator can be installed outside. Accessibility to lamp replacement can be placed at a convenient location for chandeliers and cove and perimeter lighting. For this purpose it creates ease for maintenance as there will be no need for the use of cherry pickers and OHS to replace individual bulbs on chandeliers or LED strips in cove lighting. This system also applies to path lighting, where the individual fittings do not contain any lamps or globes, all the lighting is supplied by the illuminator.