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Introducing LightEFX

Introducing LightEFX

22nd Dec 2016

Here at LightEFX, we produce quality, contemporary and inventive lighting solutions. Add a touch of luxury to your home, or light up commercial spaces with LightEFX’s high quality, Australian-made products.

Our team design and create innovative lighting solutions for both residential and commercial projects that exude contemporary luxury and style. All LightEFX products are environmentally conscious, with a focus on safety for family homes and public spaces.

We aim to approach lighting solutions from a creative and economical perspective. Add light to outdoor dining areas by installing our StarEFX system throughout your garden, line your pool with our side-emitting fibre optic cables, or increase daylight in hard to reach corporate spaces.

Fibre Optic Lighting

Made from plastic or glass, fibre optics transmit light from an illuminator, to the specific location it is desired. Unlike LED lighting, fibre optics do not omit any electrical current, or heat which makes them perfect for wet areas.

Illuminators can produce white light and several colours, as well as twinkling effects, which makes them great for star effect ceilings.

Fibre optic lights are available in end-lit and side-lit forms, which make them incredibly adaptable. StarEFX is a great way to incorporate end-lit fibre optics into corporate and public spaces like cinema complexes, shopping centres or even medical facilities.

Natural Daylight Solutions

We’ve all experienced artificially lit corporate and commercial spaces. Poorly lit spaces, with little natural light often feel draining and tiresome. Spaces like this certainly don’t facilitate productivity or positivity!

Our natural daylight solutions harvest and channel the beauty of natural sunlight. Harnessing natural light can improve work and living environments, and increase productivity and wellbeing. Redistributing natural light also proves to be cost effective, and energy efficient.

Whether you’re looking to light your home or a corporate space, LightEFX provides innovative and unique lighting solutions that are stylish, contemporary and energy efficient.