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Patient and customer experience

Sensory lighting patient experience

Can the colour of light be instrumental for creating a relaxed and calming room environment? When a patient walks into a calm environment, they instinctively relax. A more relaxed state of a patient contributes to smoother rapport-building with the doctor, nurse or technician the patient came to see. Although the patient expects a clinical environment, first impressions still usually count. Imagine a point of focus that draws the patient’s eye to momentarily have them distracted from the stress of the reason that brought them to the clinic. Even when not directly observing, subliminally, their peripherals are capturing the visual. Sensory lighting provides this subtle, calming feature. Sensory lighting helps promote patient experience by reinforcing a relaxed atmosphere that affects the patient or customer positively. Used in waiting areas, treatment rooms, imaging rooms and staff areas. Occupiers and visitors can enjoy the benefits of sensory lighting.

How does sensory lighting work?

LightEFX’s sensory lighting systems introduce subtle and colourful lights into an area without the glare that conventional indoor lighting provides. It operates complementary with existing lights creating slight diversions for patients during waiting times or while undergoing treatments. The system uses acoustic panels with randomly placed fibre optic star points resemble the night sky. The stars can be interactive through colour changes, they can twinkle or be animated – shooting stars animations add an unexpected little surprise to the observer. The sensory panels hold acoustic properties for sound absorption, which is conducive to a relaxed patient experience – the less loud and sudden sounds occur, the less a patient is startled if nervous and the more calm the patient will be in the duration of their visit.

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