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Pool fibre optic lighting

Resort-style pool lighting

A new age in the world of lighting up water
Fibre cable lighting is safe to use in water – it is submersible, and no electricity emits through it – only light. The lighting highlights your swimming pool or spa in a dazzling array of light and colour creating an inviting ambience that just calls for swimmers to jump in.

Create a spectacular feature with one or all of the lighting options available:

Perimeter lighting
Perimeter lighting or strip lighting follows the outer edge of your pool with side-emitting fibre optic cables. The side-emitting cables are chlorine-resistant and salt-water resistant ensuring no degeneration. Unlike LED strip lighting fibre optic side-emitting cables contain no LEDs and are not affected by the pools heating. This allows for fully submergible installations of depths deeper than 1.5m.  

The fibre cables are fitted on a clear track and secured under the coping or in a channel along the wall of the pool. Both ends of the fibre cable loop back into the illuminator creating a stronger light intensity and better performance.

StarEFX star lighting
As above, so below – swim under the stars and over the fibre optic starlights.

We install starlight features to the base of concrete swimming pools and spas. The twinkling effect and colour changes are a mesmerising vision as the water refracts the light and disperses the effect through the pool. Our expert installers will help you achieve the look you want.

Wall lights
Wall lighting in swimming pools or spas add lovely light and colour to the water for night-time swimming or entertaining. As a standard feature, the illuminator can cycle through the different colours or a single colour can be selected to set a mood or atmosphere.

Fibre optic wall light fittings are a small footprint and free from LEDs and light bulbs – this means a maintenance-free experience – no globes need replacing from inside the pool.

The illuminators can be stored in a dry location typically in the pool pump room or IP44 rated illuminators for outside storage providing easy-to-reach maintenance. If a lamp needs replacing, only one is required in the illuminator – no need to enter the pool! Illuminators are available with six and eight colour rotations or a fixed colour setting. And can integrate with home automation systems such as Dynalite, Cbus, Control4 and other RS232 and serial protocols.

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