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Pool Lighting

starefx-pool-fibre-cable-installation-01.jpg pool-star-light-01.jpg pool-star-light-tiled.jpg
starEFX fibre cable installation starEFX with mosaic tiles starEFX in tiles
wall-fitting-001.jpg wall-fitting-004.jpg wall-fitting-002.jpg
Fibre optic wall fitting (green)  Fibre optic wall fitting (blue) Fibre optic wall fitting (yellow)
wall-fitting-fibre-cable-installation-01.jpg waterproof-light-fittings.jpg pool-sidelight-and-endlight-04-.jpg 
End lit fibre cable Stainless steel wall fittings Wall fittings with perimeter fibre cable
pool-entry-exit-side-emitting-cable.jpg side-emitting-perimeter-white.jpg side-emitting-perimeter-blue.jpg side-emitting-perimeter-purple.jpg
Fibre cable entry into the pool Side emitting perimeter in white Side emitting perimeter in blue  Side emitting perimeter in purple


wall-fitting-fibre-cable-installation-01.jpgwaterproof-light-fittings.jpgpool-sidelight-and-endlight-04-.jpg End lit fibre cableStainless steel wall fittingsWall fittings with perimeter fibre cable   


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