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StarEFX integrated ceiling

The Block, Ronnie and Georgia StarEFX starlight ceiling
Ronnie and Georgia from Channel 9's TV series The Block with their StarEFX ceiling


No matter what the movie is, the starEFX ceiling will draw anyone's attention to your home theatre room! Children enjoy it so much they forget about the popcorn and candy! Set your mood by altering the colours of the stars while you enjoy your favourite show, movie or concert in your acoustic sound home theatre.

Acoustical benefits with the starry night sky

The starEFX acoustic panel provides acoustical benefits and features a mesmerizing array of starlights that twinkle and colour change. Controlled through a wireless remote or integrated with your home automation system, the StarEFX ceiling combines the acoustical and visual benefits with the latest technological advances for your convenience.

New and existing rooms can benefit from the StarEFX ceiling

StarEFX ceilings can be installed into new home theatres or into an existing theatre room. The installation is performed from underneath the ceiling, a process that does not require access above the ceiling. The finish is clean and neat  without visible screws for an appealing ceiling whether or not the starlights are turned on.

Set the mood!

With a choice of six starEFX colours, you can fix on a colour, have them cycle through the colour range or for a more realistic night setting, select the white stars. The light intensity can be dimmed or brightened not to interfere with your movie experience. Home automation integration, allows for a lighting sequence to be set for dimming when the movie begins and return the StarEFX ceiling to its default settings after the movie ends.


Aside from twinkling lights and vibrant colours that exude from the ceiling, shooting stars will be the crowning touch that will make it an enchanting ceilingscape! The shooting stars are scattered in various areas of the ceiling and are activated at random. You will be waiting in anticipation for the next shooting star to appear!

Power consumption?

StarEFX technology illuminates up to 450 stars with a 15-watt light source. It is low voltage, and the LED light lasts more than 30,000 hours.

Ronnie and Georgie's home theatre starEFX ceiling

The Block, Ronnie and Georgia StarEFX starlight ceiling   The Block, Ronnie and Georgia StarEFX starlight ceiling   The Block, Ronnie and Georgia StarEFX starlight ceiling

In the popular Australian television program The Block, couples compete to renovate houses within a budget and timeframe before auctioning them off to the highest bidder. Ronnie and Georgia finishing in third place in 2017 return in 2021 competing for first place in this renovators challenge. 

From their previous experiences with The Block as well as their own renovation business, Renovation HQ, Ronnie and Georgia bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that will prove invaluable when tackling and overcoming challenges.

"When you know you’re kicking serious ceiling goals - Fibre optic star light ceiling acoustic panels being installed by the legends over at @lightefx - without a doubt the hero of our room this week!" - @ronnieandgeorgia

Add a StarEFX feature in your home theatre room!

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