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StarEFX modular panels

The StarEFX modular panel can be used individually or in a combination to enhance the sound acoustics of a space. Added to the walls or ceilings of the room, the panels help with sound reverberations while displaying the impressive StarEFX star lighting feature.

Acoustical benefits with the starry night sky 

Using acoustic panels is an effective and efficient way of controlling the room's reverberation time for the benefit of the room occupiers. StarEFX's acoustic panel is equipped with both sound absorbing properties and a stunning array of starlights that shimmer in white to offer a sound acoustic panel that is also eye catching

Residential and commercial spaces 

In addition to home theatre, these modular panels are used in venues, media rooms and music studios where they can be fixed onto ceilings and walls. A great feature for setting the mood for a relaxed music session or recording environment. 

In spaces where surfaces bounce sound, noise pollution can be created, especially when the design of the room or venue does not consider auditory acoustics. Reducing excessive noise in venues especially during peak hours, is achieved with an easy installation process of the StarEFX modular panels. These panels create a visually attractive feature that helps to reduce noise pollution and creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

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Contractors and self-installers can add the modular panels for their next project with installation performed from underneath the ceiling and no need to go above the ceiling. It is possible to power up to 30 panels using a single power outlet, with a light switch controlling power on and off (the light switch and power must be installed by a qualified electrician).

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