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StarEFX star pool

Swim with the stars

One of the most delightful things about owning your swimming pool is the ability to enjoy a swim after dark on a warm, clear evening, whether you're sharing the experience with family and friends or taking a solitary dip under the stars. Now you can make the experience even more magical, with atmospheric star lighting set into the base of your pool. Fibre optic pool lights from LightEFX transform your swimming pool or spa into a galaxy of bright, sparkling stars. The combination of light and water is irresistible, with the movement of the ripples refracting the light to create an ever-changing twinkle effect. Because light is magnified by water, even the tiniest lights will make your pool really glow. Swim through waves of light that mimic the phosphorescence of tropical seas, or simply enjoy the spectacle while sitting beside the pool. The star colours even change, for an endless variety of effects and combinations.


StarEFX pool lighting benefits

Fibre optic lighting is the choice for swimming pools. Light energy is transmitted along fibre cables from an external light source, so there's no danger of mixing water and electricity, and the fibre cables emit only light, not heat. Perfect for wet area environments! Although delicate in appearance, fibre optics are robust and long-lasting, without the small components in a light bulb. LightEFX LED illuminators are efficient to run, produce a bright and steady output of light with clear colours that will enhance your pool area. Illuminators produce the following light colours: purple, green, blue, white, yellow, sky blue and have the twinkling effect, which makes them great for that starry effect. The illuminator holds up to 30 thousand hours of life. This means that there is little chance of lamp replacement, making this choice in lighting an extremely low maintenance option. Another benefit of StarEFX pool lighting is it can be integrated with home automation devices that enable you with total control to customise your 'mood' for any time of the day or night. So you pick the colours and choose the dimming scale, everything you need to set the vibe!

StarEFX pool lighting and well-being

Chromotherapy applied in wet areas. The soothing properties of warm water, the allure of underwater lighting and elegant styling combine to promote physiological well-being. Fibre optics are used in sensory lighting, which is linked to chromotherapy, also known as colour therapy. Utilising colour in lighting has been very beneficial for increasing overall health and well-being. Chromotherapy is colour therapy, and integrated with fibre optics gives our lighting choice a spectacular way to improve overall well-being. Chromotherapy or colour therapy is a type of light therapy, which helps to rebalance a person's energy. It has the ability to affect mood, promote health and increase wellness.

Turn your hot tub into a firework display or your swimming pool into the Milky Way with LightEFX star lighting, and enjoy magical nights outdoors!

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