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StarEFX starlight ceilings

Bring the night sky indoors

StarEFX starlight ceilings will add a stunning feature to your home theatre, creating the perfect setting for a movie night in. Fitted with fibre optic lights that shine through acoustic panels, the starry night sky can be brought right into your home with amazing detail. Custom wall-to-wall fit out to your specifications; the StarEFX panels offer a range of easily customisable effects. The technology is equally impressive, utilising the latest lighting methods and highly efficient use of long-lasting LED lights that conserve power. The fibre optics create a realistic effect with intricate detail for an awe-inspiring cinematic experience.

StarEFX integrated system

The StarEFX integrated ceiling comprises of a master illuminator connected to many individual optical fibres assembled into acoustic panels. These fibres emulate the night sky with programmable features such as colour selection, dimming and twinkling, bringing your StarEFX ceiling to life. Rails are secured onto the ceiling which supports the 600x600mm (2ftx2ft) acoustic panels. Each panel is fitted into the rail system without screws for a very clean and visually aesthetic ceiling. Home theatre integration is available for automation sequencing, colour transitions, intensity of light, twinkling speed and other programmable options. LightEFX illuminators can integrate with the Philips I-Player, Dynalite, CBUS, Savant, Control4 and other RS232 and serial protocols.

StarEFX DIY panels

StarEFX DIY is a larger sized 1200x600mm (4ftx2ft) acoustic panel that fixes directly onto the ceiling with six plaster screws without the need for a rail system. Each panel connects in a daisy chain link via a low voltage cable, up to 30 panels can be powered from one power supply. DIY StarEFX panels are available with white fibre star points. A DIY RGB version is also available although the panels do not synchronise colour changes.

StarEFX integrated system details       DIY system details  
  • LED illuminator
  • Approx 38 star points per sqm
  • Requires 10A power outlet
  • 600x600mm (2'x2') panel size
  • 38mm (1.5") drop from ceiling
  • Synchronised colour changes
  • Twinkle effect
  • Installation by LightEFX approved installers 
  • Home automation integration (Optional)
  • Shooting star (Optional)
StarEFX integrated ceiling


  • Each panel is connected via a low voltage cable
  • 28-star points per panel
  • Requires 10A power outlet
  • 1195x595mm (3.92'x1.95') panel size
  • 38mm (1.5") drop from ceiling
  • White colour only
  • Shimmering effect
  • Installation can be DIY or electrical contractor
  • RGB option available - Note: Panels do NOT synchronise in colour changes 
  • Home automation integration - Not available 
  • Shooting star - Not available


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