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A new way to experience sunlight

The SunBeamer™ is a revolutionary lighting product that delivers full-spectrum sunlight to previously inaccessible areas in buildings. The unit concentrates and delivers sunlight in a collimated beam up to 200m, this collimated beam is then be redirected into areas where daylight is desired. SunBeamers™ deliver natural sunlight to support:

Keeping living walls, trees and interior landscaping alive | Making products, objects and features look their best | Creating happy, healthier and more productive indoor environments

Produce striking lighting effects with sunlight by utilising a wide variety of reflectors and diffusers to distribute the sunlight throughout the building. The SunBeamer™ is supplied in a sealed enclosure that filters out 99% of the UV and 50% of the unwanted heat.

Applications Multilevel buildings | Indoor green environments | Subways | Tunnels | Alley ways and grey areas | Aqueducts | Lobbies and reception areas

How it works

The SunBeamer™ tracks the sun autonomously, maintaining a stationary, collimated beam of light throughout the day. This revolutionary product is used in skylights, atria and with tubular devices to deliver glare-free, full spectrum sunlight. Lenses and reflectors are available to provide architects and lighting designers with unlimited design possibilities. The SunBeamer™ also provides significant electrical energy savings when coupled with a daylight harvesting system by shutting off electrical lighting when the sun shines.

Features & Benefits

Connection to the outdoors using natural sunlight |Full spectrum, glare-free illumination | Long life, simple, low profile design Easy installation and commissioning | Autonomous operation | Daylight harvesting made possible with dimmable electric lighting

Size:   650Lx650Wx195mm
Input Voltage:   19V DC
Tracking Accuracy:   +/- 0.1°
Beam Divergence Angle:   +/- 0.37°
Colour Temperature:   Sunlight (Natural Light)
Colour Rendering Index:   >95

sunbeamer-section-view.jpg sunbeamer1.jpg SunBeamer with petal suspended

  • Natural daylighting with SunBeamer 500

    Skylight | SunBeamer 500 | Daylight delivery

    The SunBeamer 500 harnesses natural sunlight and delivers a collimated beam up to 100metres. The collimated sunlight beam, through the use of lenses and mirrors can be redirected to introduce sunlight into areas where it is desired. When installed,...

    $8,250.00 (Inc. Tax)
    $7,500.00 (Ex. Tax)
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