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SunCentral System™

The SunCentral System™ is a revolutionary horizontal sun lighting solution that distributes full-spectrum, glare-free sunlight up to 50 feet within multi-storey buildings. The system outperforms traditional daylighting methods by delivering sunlight and LED light to previously inaccessible areas.

How it works

The SunCentral System™ features SunBeamers™ integrated within a cantilevered canopy or an atrium, that capture and redirect sunlight on any side of the building, including the north side. Collimated beams of sunlight are transmitted through air to the SunShade™ and the SunSpandrel™, where the sunlight is concentrated and piped into the building up to 50 feet through the hybrid SunLuminaire™. The SunLuminaire™ features integrated LED lighting that is automatically dimmed when sunlight is present.

The SunCentral System™ drastically improves light quality and can reduce electric lighting load by up to 75% of business hours.


Shopping Malls | Offices | Hospitals | Clinics | Schools | Hotels

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