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​4 Reasons to Light up Your Pool Today

​4 Reasons to Light up Your Pool Today

29th Dec 2016

There’s nothing better than spending a warm summers’ afternoon, with friends and family enjoying a barbeque by the pool! Pools are the centre of any family hub in the summertime, so why not light them up so they can be a feature all year round? Here are 4 reasons to light up your pool today!


A pool is a fixture in many great Australian backyards. But gone are the days of leaving the pool cover on for 8 months of the year, now the backyard pool can be appreciated all year long! LightEFX pool lighting can help transform your pool into your backyard’s centrepiece. With a combination of StarEFX and perimeter fibre optic lighting, your pool can sparkle all year!


Safety around pools is of paramount importance! While every pool should be fenced to local government guidelines, lighting your pool with LightEFX pool perimeter fibre optics can also help improve pool safety. Lining your pool with perimeter fibre optics will make your pool more visible in low-light conditions. Unlike traditional pool lights, these lights will light up the entire perimeter of your pool, ensuring that friends and family can safely enjoy their time by the pool!

Night time swimming

We’ve all been there, when it’s a warm night, and you’re not ready to swap your bathers for pyjamas yet. But, if your pool is well lit, you can swim all night long! With a combination of perimeter fibre optics, and StarEFX pool lights, you can enjoy swimming well into the evening. Our fibre optic technology ensures that pools are well and evenly lit, which means that you can enjoy your pool at any hour of the day!

Wow your friends

Entertaining close friends and family is always enjoyable. But with StarEFX installed in your pool, your friends are definitely going to be wowed! Why would you settle just to swim under the stars, when you could swim with them? StarEFX will truly make your pool sparkle, and will sweep your friends off their feet!

How would you like to light up your pool? Let us know!