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About SunCentral

About SunCentral

9th Feb 2017

A natural daylight solution

We all know how natural daylight can affect us – it is energising and crucial to our health, yet after a few days without it, we tend to feel sluggish, tired and unproductive.

That’s why LightEFX distributes SunCentral: a natural daylight solution for multi-storey buildings that lack exposure to sunshine. LightEFX is the exclusive distributor of SunCentral products in Australia and also distributes worldwide.

How are SunCentral products different?

Most multi-storey buildings struggle to bring sunlight inside without altering the building’s architecture, and when they do, the sunlight solutions are normally hot, muggy and glary.

On the other hand, a lack of exposure to natural daylight can lower productivity and alter our moods.

SunCentral makes a meaningful impact on corporate and residential buildings with focused and directional daylight solutions.

How do SunCentral products work?

SunCentral uses a series of SunBeamers that concentrate and redistribute sunlight throughout buildings regardless of the time of day or year. Light is equally dispersed to various levels and into rooms that previously had little to no exposure to natural daylight.

The benefits of SunBeamers

SunCentral delivers glare-free sunlight to artificially lit rooms, offices and meeting places without significantly altering building design. SunCentral also reduces energy usage by replacing artificial lighting with natural lighting. LightEFX believes in the natural benefits of sunlight and is proud to offer an eco-friendly lighting solution.

Research at BCIT

In 2011, a study conducted at British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) showed that by using the SunCentral system, there was up to 36% increase in energy savings in rooms that utilised the SunCentral systems. The BCIT also stated that this energy saving could be even higher in sunnier climates, such as in Australia,


The SunCentral system can be spec’d into new building constructions and adapted into already existing buildings.

A brighter future

SunCentral products illuminate the spaces in which we spend most of our time. which, in turn, helps foster a happier and brighter life.

What’s not to love about that?!

Interested in adding natural daylight into your building? Find out how you can add the SunCentral system into your home or workplace. Contact us today on 1300 762 299 or send us an email.