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​How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Area

​How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Area

5th Jan 2017

Summer has well and truly arrived, which means it’s time to get entertaining! Whether you like to spend your days in the pool, by the barbeque, or playing backyard cricket; LightEFX can help you create the ultimate outdoor entertaining area.

The Australian lifestyle is all about embracing outdoor living. We want to maximise the time we spend outdoors, but still feel as comfortable as we would inside. Here at LightEFX we use fibre optic technology, which means that our lighting systems are safe and efficient for every home, and they’re even safe to use in wet areas. Lighting is an important part of creating atmosphere, so it’s worth thinking about when you’re designing the ultimate outdoor dining space!

Sit under the stars

Furniture is a huge part of any outdoor dining space. Depending on what look you’re going for, beanbag chairs, outdoor couches, sunbeds or industrial chairs are a must. Buying an extendable table is a great idea for anyone who is trying to maximise space too.

Installing a pergola is also a necessity in any outdoor dining space! Pergolas allow you to fully enjoy outdoor living, protecting you from the sun or the rain. To get the most out of any under-cover outdoor space, install StarEFX into the ceiling! Look up and admire sparkling stars, no matter the weather or, time of day.

Light up your pool or spa

In the summertime, most of us will be spending a lot of time by the pool. Our StarEFX system is sure to add a touch of luxury to any outdoor space. Adding starlight’s to the bottom of your pool or spa converts it into an outdoor feature for everyone to enjoy.


No outdoor dining space would be complete without it’s own kitchenette! Why settle for a lonely barbeque, when you can have everything you need outside? An ultimate outdoor dining area will feature everything from a barbeque, to a sink, fridge and even a dishwasher! To really give it that luxurious feel, install fibre optic, side lit panels under your cabinetry, or above your prep area, you’re sure to impress any guests.

What’s a must have in your outdoor dining space? Let us know in the comments!