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Light Up Your Home or Office with Fibre Optic Lighting!

Light Up Your Home or Office with Fibre Optic Lighting!

24th Feb 2017

LightEFX is the expert in light and the leader in the fibre optic lighting industry. Whether it’s a statement chandelier that illuminates a living space or the twinkling of starlights in the ceiling of our home theatres, our lighting options are cost-effective, require little to no maintenance and are safe to use in wet areas. Select from our range of lighting options to make your space feel inviting.

LightEFX offers fibre optic lighting solutions perfectly suited for families, corporate spaces, business venues, events and everything in-between.

Below are some of our top fibre optic lighting products you need now!


This is one to pull out when you want to really impress your friends! StarEFX is a lighting installation that brings the night sky into your home or a commercial space. StarEFX is a series of fibre optic light points that replicate the appearance of twinkling stars. Install them into new or existing ceilings, acoustic panels, floors or walls.

StarEFX is available in white lights or five-colour LEDs to easily customise your space to attain the ambience you desire. StarEFX lights truly flourish in outdoor areas to compliment landscaping, saunas or pools, alfresco areas or pergolas. You can even install StarEFX lights into your bedroom – you can fall asleep under the stars every night!

Pool Lighting

Pools and spas are a centrepiece of Australian backyards. There’s nothing more pleasant than spending a warm summer afternoon in the backyard having a barbeque by the pool. Summer or winter, LightEFX fibre optic lighting takes your pool to the next level and makes your pool or spa the focal point of your backyard.

Highlight your pool with perimeter lighting. Perimeter pool lighting is available in a choice of colours and uses side-emitting chlorine and salt resistant cables. For improved visibility and safety, your family and guests will always be aware when they are near your pool.

You can even install StarEFX into your pool or spa! Just like perimeter pool lighting, all StarEFX products are chlorine and saltwater resistant and safe to use in wet areas. Don’t just swim under the stars – swim among them!

LightEFX also provides more traditional pool lighting solutions. Our fibre optic wall lighting options are maintenance free, meaning that you don’t ever have to worry about replacing conventional light globes. All pool lighting options are water safe, chlorine and saltwater resistant, and are available with a variety of colour options.


For those searching for luxury lighting options, then fibre optic chandeliers from LightEFX are just what you have been looking for! Create that ‘wow’ factor! Add a touch of opulence into your hotel, corporate space, or in your own home. This contemporary take on a classic lighting fixture encompasses style and modern design with the light colours of your choice!

How would you incorporate fibre optic lights into your home? Let us know in the comments below.