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The Benefits of Chromotheraphy

The Benefits of Chromotheraphy

19th Jan 2017

We all know how changes in the weather can affect our moods. After a few rainy days we’ve all felt tired and emotionally drained. This is where Chromotheraphy can come in handy! Chromotheraphy or colour therapy is a type of light therapy, which helps to rebalance a person’s energy. Installing chromotherapy lights into your home will not only help you and your family feel balanced, it will also wow your friends!

Assist in mending health conditions

Chromotherapy has been shown to assist in treating some physical and mental health conditions. If you’re an active exerciser, then you might benefit from installing strong yellow lights in your sauna. Strong yellow helps repair and strengthen muscle tissue. If you’re struggling with digestion, then yellow lights will help get your metabolism and digestive system going too.

For those who struggle with anxiety or stress, then violet light can be used to calm down the nervous system! Chromotheraphy is especially affective throughout the colder seasons, or for those who live in colder climates.

Help balance your emotions

We all know that certain colours can have an affect on our emotions. If you’re feeling stressed then red lights may exacerbate feelings of anger or anxiety. If you’re in a great mood, then seeing yellow might make you feel even better!

Green lights are often used in Chromotheraphy to provide feelings of harmony and calm. If you are going through a stressful time at work, a bath at the end of the day accompanied by green lights may help you release the stress of the day, and help you be more productive the next!

Impress your friends

Without a doubt, Chromotheraphy lights are sure to impress your friends! Not only does Chromotheraphy have health benefits, it also looks pretty remarkable.

Install purple fibre-optics in your pool or spa to create a relaxing environment for your guests, and then switch your StarEFX ceiling over to yellow to make sure your guests are feeling happy and calm all night long.

How would you use chromotheraphy in your home? Let us know!